Why You Should Take a Second Look at Your Homeowner's Insurance

Why You Should Take a Second Look at Your Homeowner's Insurance

Why You Should Take a Second Look at Your Homeowner's Insurance

For most people the most important asset that they own is their home. It is something that they not only worked extremely hard to purchase but try to maintain as best as they can. If the average family loses their home, most of their family's net worth is also wiped out in the process. Therefore, prudent families who want to protect their biggest asset purchase homeowners insurance.

Homeowners insurance can be complicated to understand, especially if you've just bought your first home. Not only are some of the homeowner insurance companies the same ones who provide auto, life, and renters insurance, but the benefits and restrictions vary wildly. If you think that you're not getting a great deal on your homeowners insurance or misunderstand something, don't ever be afraid to investigate further. By learning about how homeowners insurance quotes are figured and what's in your policy, you'll be purchasing something that might just save you down the road.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask About Your Policy

Lots of people purchase a policy after shopping through multiple homeowner insurance companies, but don't actually know what their policy covers. If it's been a while since you've purchased your home, you want to keep up on the facts such as how much your home is now worth and what your policy covers. In fact, J.D. Power similarly found that 52% of homeowners don't have a complete understanding of their coverage. Homeowners also have trouble identifying the replacement value of their homes — a survey by Marshall and Swift/Boeckh found that 60% of homes are undervalued with regard to insurance, with an average undervaluation of 17%. When you inquire about your policy, you'll not only get a full understanding about what's in it, but you'll be able to better plan for the future.

Bundling Might Help You With Multiple Assets

Homeowner insurance companies are typically not separate entities that stand alone and only offer homeowner insurance. Usually, they are simply wings of the large insurance companies that offer lots of other insurance products that you use in your daily life - auto, renters, life, etc. If you think that your homeowner insurance price is too high, but don't want to drop your carrier or shop around at other homeowner insurance companies, you should consider bundling some of your other insurance together to save money and have all your policies working together for you. If you've got a child that is renting an apartment, or have just purchased a new car, it's worth it to see if renters and auto insurance can help out your homeowner policy price. Often, there is a discount and ease of access when you bundle products together.

Unless You've Violated the Terms, Homeowner Insurance is a Lifesaver

We will reiterate once more that you must know the terms of your policy front and back for it to protect you. There are many exceptions to homeowners insurance that mitigate local weather disaster phenomena, such as not protecting against tornadoes in Kansas or hurricanes in Florida. You can certainly seek out these protections, but they will be separate products other than your homeowner's insurance. In most areas, homeowner insurance companies protect against all forms of disaster because the risks are so minimal that they will destroy your home. However, you should always be aware of flooding, wildfires, or other probable causes of home destruction that aren't covered in your area and prepare accordingly. With a good homeowner's insurance policy, you can literally build from the ground up if the unthinkable happens.

If You're in Need, Show the Deed

Homeowner's insurance truly can be a godsend when untimely disaster strikes. But it's important to review your policy accordingly and know exactly what is in it before branching out and taking too much risk. Never be afraid to ask about the specific details of your personal policy, and inquire if bundling other insurance products would benefit you. The more you're protected and insured, the easier it is to sleep soundly at night. When you're ready to experience the best that homeowner insurance companies have to offer at amazing rates, be sure to contact Evolve at 941-841-6020. Your home and your family will surely thank you!