Do it Yourself Online Auto Insurance and Why it’s a Bad Idea.

Do it Yourself Online Auto Insurance and Why it’s a Bad Idea.

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You’ve seen the commercials and the ads, and who knows - maybe you currently have auto insurance you purchased yourself, online. At first, it sounds like a great idea – by cutting out a middle man, you’re sure to get a better price, right? Wrong - not only is that perception false, but you’re putting yourself in extreme financial jeopardy by trying to navigate auto insurance on your own vs. utilizing the services of a qualified independent insurance agent like Evolve Insurance Agency.

It’s cheaper, right?

Wrong. Do-it-yourself auto insurance is not “automatically” cheaper, there is no “Agentless” discount, or at least not that we have ever heard of with any direct-writing insurance carrier. In fact, using an independent insurance agency like Evolve is your best chance at getting the very best price for auto insurance - and for LIFE. Why is that? Because as independent agents, Evolve represents numerous auto insurance carriers – and we keep up with the market trends to better serve you and your insurance needs. If we notice a large rate increase, or notice a different carrier make a large rate decrease, we will be ready to let you know it’s time to make the switch. Simply put, agents have the experience and sheer dedication to getting you the best rate possible - every time. We work for you, not the insurance company. Spend 15 minutes now speaking with an independent insurance agent at Evolve Insurance Agency and you just might lock in savings again, and again, and again, for life.

It’s just auto insurance, it looks easy enough to do on my own, right?

Very, very wrong. While on the surface it appears right - you can go online, spend a few minutes to get a quote, enter your payment information, and actually buy auto insurance. The auto insurance industry has spent millions, if not billions of dollars creating the websites, smart phone apps, and interfaces you see today - to do just that – to convince you that you can purchase auto insurance on your own. They have made it easy, and in some cases they have made it look fun – almost like it’s a game. Don’t fall for it, auto insurance is NOT a game. Insurance companies only care about getting you to purchase an insurance policy and keeping it - they do not care about what is best for protecting you and your family. Their algorithms are set up to get you to make the purchase, not understand the purchase. A simple one or two paragraph disclaimer regarding Uninsured Motorist coverage just doesn’t cut it - did you know an average of 27% of Florida drivers are uninsured? Do-it-yourself insurers probably won't tell you that. This is when the rubber meets the road in turning what is just “auto insurance to let me drive” into “auto insurance that truly protects myself and my family” – and there is a BIG difference, just ask any independent insurance agent, like us, Evolve Insurance Agency.

Local insurance agents are local members of your community – why not support them?!

Evolve Insurance Agency is a local, family-owned insurance agency and our entire staff are members of your local community. Many do-it-yourself insurance companies are based out of giant call centers based out of who knows where – but it’s likely not in your local community – and it’s likely you’ll never talk to the same person twice. When you purchase insurance utilizing the services of a local agent like Evolve, not only are you likely to save money, but you are supporting actual people who live in your community. Not only is insurance a smart purchase, but in most cases it’s a required purchase – so why not keep it local and support a small business in the process!

If you are interested in seeing what Evolve Insurance Agency can do for your auto insurance needs, request a quote here and we’ll get started right away on working hard at finding you the best rate possible for the coverage you need and want.

Photo Credit: Matteus Silva de Oliveira